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Enhanced Midwifery teams

emt1I was lucky enough to spend time with the Liverpool Women’s hospital enhanced midwifery service conducting an evaluation of their service.

The report involved: literature review, interviews with the enhanced midwifery team, colleagues and third sector organisations, quantitative data analysis and a survey of women users

The Liverpool Women’s hospital EMT is made up of:

  • Six experienced midwives providing vulnerable women in Liverpool with needs based individualised care
  • Offered to women with significant mental health problems; alcohol or substance misuse, social services involvement or learning disabilities.
  • Women get 1:1 care at home during the antenatal period and up to 6 weeks post birth.

In order to:

  • Increase early access to antenatal care
  • Improve public health outcomes (breastfeeding, smoking and alcohol, obesity)
  •  Reduce harm to ‘at risk’ mothers and babies
  • The EMT act as an additional safety net to very vulnerable women and babies, they can gain access to women when many other services find engagement difficult and their close involvement with families can uncover hidden risks and dangers that could prevent tragic consequences for mothers and babies.

Summary QIPP points for EMT:

  • Q‐ quality of maternity services for vulnerable women demonstrably improved
  • I ‐ innovative use of partnership working and individualised care
  • P ‐ EMT reduce DNA rates and time lost for Community midwives looking into DNA
  • P ‐ prevention through reduced risk of adverse outcomes by engaging vulnerable women in maternity care

*A journal paper based on this work is in progress


A link to the Executive summary booklet is provided below:



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